Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tony Abbot wins Australian Election

It's amazing how much coverage we are getting over here in the UK concerning the recent Australian election results.  In fact the general consensus appears to be exactly how an opposition government win an election during a time of economic expansion and rapid economic growth.

Well folks, many of you may not realise that Australia is not experiencing the financial downturn experienced by Obama's America or Cameron's Great Britain.  Actually it's quiet the opposite.

The mining boom down under, as well as some shrewd fiscal management by former PM, John Howard, has ensured that Australia is experiencing boom years more reminiscent of times gone by.

Yet all is not well 'down under'.  Disputes concerning the implementation of a carbon tax as well the micro-management and nanny state mentality to internet filters are issues that Abbot must address.

If we are to believe the Australian press, Abbot is a no-nonsense, straight talking guy that has the nations interests at heart.  Sounds a little like that chap over the pond.....
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